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janL Hi! I'll be travelling solo through Peru and Chile in May and June...arriving in Lima on May 12, doing a trek to Machu Picchu from May 17-May 20th, then working my way down through Chile to Patagonia. If you'll be in some of the same places at the same times I'd love to explore together!
munyirwa osman

munyirwa osman Hello Ccarlos. thanks for asking and what i can tell is that Uganda is a beautiful small country equal to the size of England but has alot of activities to do while in uganda. some of the activities in Uganda are; doing gorilla trekking in the Bwindi inpenetrable national park,visit Murchison falls national park and do a gamedrive in the jungles also do a boat cruise at river nile also do chimp tracking with in the same national park.Kibale National Park contains one of the loveliest and most varied tracts of tropical forest in Uganda so if you love primates you are welcome.Mt. Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world at 4,000km2 and Located on the Uganda-Kenya border it is also the oldest and largest solitary.Queen Elizabeth national park is a tourist destination and its the ideal habitat for classic big game, ten primate species including chimpanzees and over 600 species of birds.e.t.c. These are so many beautiful activities to do while in uganda but i have mentioned a few out of the 10 great national parks uganda has.

munyirwa osman
munyirwa osman Hello Ccarlos. the kind of services i offer range from arranging/organising group and individual tour trips, do car hire service,guiding,booking for clients. Here is my email for any help you need regarding tour&travel in Uganda. osmunyirwa@gmail.com
4 months ago
Alexamonique I'm not post grad , bug I will be happy to join
Ccarlos Hi, My girlfriend and I are going from June to end of June, please look at our trip as it would be nice to travel with more peopke. We are trying to be as low budget as posibble as well http://globetrooper.com/africa-trip-june-to-september-2016
ladyju02 Hi! I'm taking a gap yeay in 2017. Take a look at my trip and let me know if it's something you will be interested! Looking forward to hear from you! :) http://globetrooper.com/rtw-trip-of-a-lifetime-2017
aky I am planning on travelling through Europe, turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India and finally finish in Bangladesh where my parents are from. let me know if your interested.
munyirwa osman
munyirwa osman Hello everybody my humble request is that when you get to East Africa in Uganda am ready to help you out wit transport,guiding,booking.
4 months ago
Lourdes Hi!! I'd love to do it! But I can't until late 2017.. I'm only 18 and I've to work first.. If you like I'm available
Rhiannon Me too I'd love to sail around the word on a gap year but can only start around August this year. I'm planning to start off in Australia
4 months ago
traveladdict(sam) I would like to spend some time is south america have you been?
aky Check my trip out, maybe we can travel certain parts of the world together.
Trip | RTW
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5 months ago
Sarah327327 Interested
Trip | Brother and Sister
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6 months ago
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