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manichanh Hello! Currently out in the midwest (USA) for a bit. But I live in the PNW. Travel a bit through out the PNW in my van. I'll keep tabs on this discussion.
_breaking_the_habit Hi there, that sounds fun. Drop me a message if you are still looking for people . Steph
_breaking_the_habit Hi there, that sounds right up my street. When do you plan on going on where to? Any plans yet?
GaiaGoddess This is my dream too!
Contadork been looking to head to Glacier National-Would love to learn more!
Contadork This sounds great! What type of transportation are you planning/ do you have available to get to Banff?
traveladdict(sam) Sounds fun I'd like to meet you :)
traveladdict(sam) I would like to spend some time is south america have you been?
aky Check my trip out, maybe we can travel certain parts of the world together.
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1 month ago
lauracato I'm very interested!! I was planning on getting an RV soon to travel around the northwest to take photos :)
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