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Jacquelynn89 Hi! I live in Virginia and I am interested in joining you. How long are you going to be on the east coast?
AustinStarbuck I'm currently headed towards the Shenandoah national park the next few days then towards DC and New York. Probably looking at heading west towards the end of June. Nothing is set in stone though!
1 month ago
Helen and Josh

Helen and Josh Hi! My partner Josh (31yrs) and I (Helen 24yrs) are travelling around Europe and are originally from Australia. So far we will be in Italy during the month of June 2016 and we are currently in Split, Croatia for the month of May. (See profile and travel post for more details) There are many festivals around Italy during the month of June as well!

If you are near and wanted to meet up at some point and see some places together we would love that! We book as we go so we are pretty flexible and open to ideas!

Some of our thoughts are visiting Spain in August to experience the La Tomatina festival (31st August 2016), Germany in September for Octoberfest (September 17th until October 3rd 2016) and possibly Amsterdam in November for the Cannibas Cup ( 24th – 26th of November 2016).

We Would love to hear from you!

Marsha Hello! I am Marsha. Where will you be around the beginning of August? I would like to join you for a week at most. This sounds like such an amazing experience.
AustinStarbuck Im not exactly sure but probably somewhere in the mid west or west coast.
1 month ago
Marsha Very cool.
1 month ago
solosasha I will be in France in mid july through october. want to plan a week to meet up?
Lori I'm going to travel mozambique and Swaziland from johannesburg in mid June for a few weeks of you'd like to join:)
Cherie Kihato
Cherie Kihato Hey! I'm in Italy right now, I'd love to join your trips to the Netherlands, Germany and even Greece. Let me know. :)
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2 months ago
Alexamonique I'm not post grad , bug I will be happy to join
Ccarlos Hi, My girlfriend and I are going from June to end of June, please look at our trip as it would be nice to travel with more peopke. We are trying to be as low budget as posibble as well http://globetrooper.com/africa-trip-june-to-september-2016
ladyju02 Hi! I'm taking a gap yeay in 2017. Take a look at my trip and let me know if it's something you will be interested! Looking forward to hear from you! :) http://globetrooper.com/rtw-trip-of-a-lifetime-2017
manichanh Hello! Currently out in the midwest (USA) for a bit. But I live in the PNW. Travel a bit through out the PNW in my van. I'll keep tabs on this discussion.
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