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Tatiana Hello :) I'm a 27 year old portuguese girl living in France I am also aiming to travelling for some months starting January 2017. And would love some company. (: I still don't have anything defined but your plan sounds great.
munyirwa osman
munyirwa osman Hello everyone. when you get to East Africa,i am avaliable to help you out. i am in uganda and there are alot of beautiful natural wildlife activities to do.
Jacquelynn89 Hi! I live in Virginia and I am interested in joining you. How long are you going to be on the east coast?
AustinStarbuck I'm currently headed towards the Shenandoah national park the next few days then towards DC and New York. Probably looking at heading west towards the end of June. Nothing is set in stone though!
9 months ago
ladyju02 Hi! I'm taking a gap yeay in 2017. Take a look at my trip and let me know if it's something you will be interested! Looking forward to hear from you! :) http://globetrooper.com/rtw-trip-of-a-lifetime-2017
traveladdict(sam) I would like to spend some time is south america have you been?
aky Check my trip out, maybe we can travel certain parts of the world together.
Trip | RTW
Travel Forum
11 months ago
Alejandro Savedra
Alejandro Savedra im interesing, my email jechuy.alex22@gmail.com
Trip | RTW
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1 year ago
alexdans Hey Julia!! I'd love to take of and discover the world too, but I can't so instead I'll be traveling in Southeast Asia in the summer, so if you're there I could use a travel companion
Devesh I am interested. I would be coming from India for this trip. If you have any details so far, please mail me at devgolani@gmail.com
TheGlobeTrooper how do you plan on getting to Hawaii and Alaska?
Devesh Good Question
1 year ago
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