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zero equator Maldives
zero equator Maldives Hei there. come have an uforgettable journey in maldives.our team will make the best arrangements for you in the best hotels and resorts in maldives. if you want more help. check our website www.zeroequatormaldives.com.mv. Hope to hear from you. :D
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5 years ago
yetitrailadventure Join Nepal Holiday, Hiking, Trekking and World Heritage tours. There is numerous High Himalayas.
Kesh lemme know if you're planning to visit the small but beautiful island in Indian ocean, Sri Lanka. i will join with you.
kairu hey, is mauritius included in your itinerary?
utrippin Where will you be April - Oct? I'm looking for some company in Southern and Eastern Africa...
Jaxon I'm in Bali at the moment, spending xmas and NYs here, then off to the Phillipines on the 4th Jan. Let me know if you guys are near.
Jaxon Ok Troopers, the dream officialy starts on the 16th December as I have just booked my flight to Bali where I will be spending Xmas and NYs. Then I'm off to Tagaytay in the Phillipines for a little bit. I should begin my travel blog now but I still have other sites to set up. Hmmm.. so much to do and so little time!
omba very interested, though dont think il be able to travel till summertime though-maybe I can during winter break
Jaxon That's ok, just play it by ear, it's the best way to be :-)
7 years ago
Lauren Hey Jaxon, great trip! Love your attitude. Todd and I (co-founders of Globetrooper) have been travelling since June 2010. We're in Berlin for the next couple of months and plan to be back in Sydney/Canberra, Australia in March next year. So let us know if you decide to check out the east coast, it would be great to meet up.
Jaxon Hi Lauren, I am actually from Sydney, moved to Perth a few months ago for a bit of a sea change. As nice as the place is, Perth isn't somewhere I can stay for too long because time goes backwards here if you know what I mean! No doubt we will cross paths at some stage in the future. Great website by the way, love it!
7 years ago
Lauren Thanks. Maybe you should consider Chiang Mai in Thailand? There are many travel bloggers always coming in and out of there. I bet that's the real hub spot compared to anywhere else in the world. Otherwise Europe, as it's so easy to hop across the border to meet up or go to a conference.
7 years ago
Jaxon That's not a bad idea actually. I was in CM for the Thai New Years water festival back in 2008 and had an amazing time. I'll very likely find myself there at some stage in the next 12 months.
7 years ago
John Fasano
John Fasano I am retiring on the 12 of August, I plan on travelling by motocycle to the following places: Hoover Dam, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and other places. This won't be done in a single trip. I welcome any other people who are interested
Region | North America Travel Forum 8 years ago
Todd Lucky you John. a lot of recent trips have gone up about road trips across the US. Most are in cars, but might be worth chatting anyway. Check out this link to see all trips in the US in the next few months: http://globetrooper.com/trips/search?countries[0]=united-states-of-america&from_year=2010&to_year=2010&from_month=8&to_month=12
8 years ago
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