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Bex Sounds like a fantastic trip would love to join you, what are your plans? Or just going to see what happens :)
Glory hi! were n when is your next trip?
Tamara hey, i am planning a trip to ireland! care to join?
Ashleigh Hi! I'm looking to be in South East Asia in Jan/Feb of 2015, it would be great to meet some new people to travel around with if you're around the area too!
Ashleigh Hi! I'm from the UK and looking to do a bit of travelling around that time, particularly in South East Asia - when are you looking to go there? It would be great to have some travelling friends :)
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2 months ago
Ashleigh Hi! I've been really keen to go to Southeast Asia later on in the year, particularly Thailand for a couple of months - nothing set in stone but it would be great to have a travelling buddy! When were you thinking of going?
Pratik Rawat
Pratik Rawat Hey! really interested in doing South-east Asia bit. Do get back on how we can work this out.
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3 months ago
Pratik Rawat
Pratik Rawat Hey!! I'm from India and I really want to visit these places (Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand or more of south-east Asia) and I'm quitting my job around 2nd week of October to take some time off to travel so let me know how things are turning up for this trip. I would love to travel with everyone who is following the trip.
Srilakshmi Hi Jaxon, I am planning to travel to Netherlands or Cambodia for my birth day in August this year. DO let me know where would be at that time. Would really love to travel with you and I also need some tips on quitting my job to travel!!!
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