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Brit hey Corina! i'm super interested in what all you've got in mind for your adventure :) i'm trying to travel southeast asia from late january through mid-april, with a good balance of backpacking & volunteering maybe 2-3 weeks in each region... anyway i'm pretty much down for anything so let me know your thoughts!
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10 months ago
Katarzyna Hi Guys! I'm looking to travel to Indonesia and Southern Asia, starting in January 2017, please let me know what is the status of your trip :)
JulesGo Hi! I grew up around the ocean. I LOVE it, it's my home. I recently went on an 8 day sailing trip down to the Pearl Islands in Panama and surprise, surprise, fell in love with yet another glorious watersport. I would love to join your adventure!!!
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1 year ago
RAJINDER KUMAR shall u contact me i am from india and very interested
SOF14 PAN AMERICAN ROUTE Hi! Im about to set on the Pan-American route from end of August/September, starting in Alaska. I plan to reach Latin America and Argentina by NYE. Will buy the car soon in Alaska and Im looking for buddies to share the road with. The trip goes as follows: Alaska, Canada - Yukon, British Columbia, USA Western states, Mexico + dias de los muertons, Central America to Panama, ferry to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile - Argentina. Lets get in touch if interested.
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1 year ago
Lucifer Hi Josie, I would like to join you, I'm 34 M British(London) work in the information technology domain as a contractor, looking to take a break to travel around the world. I must admit I don't have company who are willing to take a long break. Please keep me posted on this. Syd
bgar15 I'd love to hear more about this because I am interested! What kind of itinerary are you thinking?
bgar15 This itinerary looks great! I'm very interested and have experience in some of the USA locations you've mentioned and have some other ideas/amazing places that you could add as well! let me know when you have some time to chat more about this trip, sounds great.
Akmall Arief
Akmall Arief Maybe you could try visit Malaysia. Nice country.
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1 year ago
Mvaldes I would meet you in San Diego and go through western states with you for about a week
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