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scott51 Hi, I am from the UK and will be leaving for Australia in 4 weeks! I am heading for Sydney first then to Adelaide and then Melbourne! What are your plans? :)
hannahlow23 Hi Ruby, I'm hoping to go travelling next year to the same places as you! Are you planning on being away for the full year? X
Allison Hello there! I've been wanting to do an around the world trip for sometime now and was happy to see your post on here! Can you tell me more about the itinerary for this trip?
Anastasia YOu have to visit Niemodlin Castle http://polishcastle.uk/
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2 weeks ago
Maria Silva
Maria Silva Hey, i'm looking to do a 1 month trip to Thailand, Cambodja, Laos and Vietnam and then back to Thailand to get a flight back home. I'm interested to do everything i can within my budget (1700€-euros), just like you.
Maria Silva
Maria Silva the month to travel depends on how much it costs, i thinking about November.
3 weeks ago
kekemg If you haven't already left, I would like to come with you on this trip
kekemg I'm wanting to do the same thing as you, I am located in the US and would love to start planning with you if you're interested
george-robotel Hi, My name is George, I am currently in Thailand leaving for Nepal on 16'th of September. I am going to do the Annapurna Trek with the help of a local guide. Would'n mind some fellow travelers, as his price will go down as well. Please get back if you are interested.
mosaicmoth Would you be interested in traveling to other countries in SE Asia as well? This trip plan looks great to me :)
Trip | 4 months Asia
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9 months ago
Kayla Hi ladies, I believe we are all in the same boat. I would love to travel all around SE Asia but are you set on your dates and Denise have you purchased your tickets? -kayla
9 months ago
Sue Hello girls, I am on the verge of booking a month long plan with a travel company. I wonder if you guys have already started. I cant spare 4 months but I want to do Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Bhutan, Bali. Any thoughts?
1 month ago
EllinorF Hey Jessica! I will be travelling to NZ in October, and stay for about 3 months.. I would like to hike and see incredible wiews, maby rent/buy a van, see wild whales and so on. Whats your plan?
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