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annavu have you heard about any student-run tour guides organization in Hanoi, Vietnam? If not, take not in case you have intention of visiting Vietnam someday.
Among many student-run non-profit organizations in Hanoi, HANOI FREE LOCAL TOUR is one of the most outstanding ones. Founded not long time ago, our organization perfomed successfully hundredes tours with nice foreigners coming from all around the world. our tour guides are students in Hanoi who are trained well, friendly, positive and very nice. you certainly will have great time like real locals with them. the only thing you should know is that you don't need to pay any charge for free tour guides all we want to get is your love to Vietnam and your own stories. It's is no big deal, right?
we recieved numerous 5 stars reviews of tourists in TripAdvisor.com or Triip.me.
visiting here to get more guarantees from people all around the world


Yazi B.
Yazi B. Looking for a travel buddy to explore the US national parks, historic cities. Planning a amtrak railway getaway if you are interested https://www.amtrak.com/regional-rail-tour-packages. email: transsiberiannova@gmail.com Ireland is on my bucketlist :)... maybe if you head back there anytime let me know. Lets stay in touch
AustinStarbuck I'm a full time traveler. I travel the US in my custom van. I grew up in Texas and would love to show you around if you make it out here! Let me know. I'll be in Texas for a little while longer and then headed to California.
kapril Hello! I'm Kaitlyn. I am 27 years old, and I currently live in Japan. I am looking for a travel buddy for a trip to Thailand 7/29-8/6. I am an English teacher and this is during my summer break so it is not very flexible. I found a great guided tour and they are having a "2 for 1" sale. Looking to find someone to book the tour with so we could both get the discount. With the discount the trip is around 1200-1500 USD. If you are interested, shoot me an email to keapril18@gmail.com. :)
S.Moshi Hallo am interested also travelling around,but i got different options..Zambia,Namibia,South Africa,Zimbabwe then Malawi..
Anwar I'm looking to travel to India later in the year as well! I can join you there and travel through to the Maldives :) Do you have a rough estimate of when you'd be there?
Glorious Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd.
Glorious Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd. If you planning to visit Nepal then write us at info@glorioushimalaya.com
4 weeks ago
lisa12tr Hİ I would recommend India. It is cheap, there are lots of places to choose from and it is culturally rich. Check out for more information: http://travel-tourist-information-guide.com/india
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1 month ago
seegee This sounds great - how is the planning going?
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1 month ago
seegee I can only fit in a month, but I'm interested joining in on this kind of trip
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1 month ago
jessica Hi, im jessica, i currently live on the united states. I can't say I want to travel all my life but I do want to travel everywhere eventually. The only other country I've visited is Mexico. I really want to travel. More of north America but I'm up for other. Places too. I however wont be able to travel until summer of 2017. I currently finishing my last year in college I don't want to throw it away after all my hard work. But that give time for planning. If planning a a long trip like that it might be good to have a long planning process. Message me. Or pm me on facebook Jessica berry Irvine. Or skype name jrose4love
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7 months ago
BACK AFRICA TOURS hello jassica i do recommend Africa Ghana for you . a trip you will never forget in your life. link me on facebook back africa tours
2 months ago
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