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Jen Hi, How is your trip going? Where will you be in Feb?
Dieded Dead
Dieded Dead Getting your attention. i am a cyclist. Just so you know i travel light and have some experience. I have basic eletrical and mechanical skill. Just so you know , i am interested. I can travel around the world solo without money but where is the fun in that? Journey are meant to be meaningful.
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Well have u started your trip? Actually I am too the same as u. If u visit India just msg. Will be able to help u
5 days ago
sukirti Hi Ashley, I am Sukirti. I lived in London for more than 5 years. I am looking for a travel partner to take breaks in between my busy work life. Let me know if we can plan something...like Mauritius..
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1 week ago
Green Eyes
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Green Eyes
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Cytokine I'm in. Let me know the details. I'm an ER doc so if someone gets sick I may help plus I'm good with Spanish so we can cover Latin America or Spainor both
Cytokine I'm just working like 8 days a month in the US so I can go back and forth without problem
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2 months ago
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Trivia: The high-tech centre of India is which city?