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Enrique Keep me updated
kabolol Hey there;) is this gonna be like an interailing trip?
Enrique Let me know more details. I'm fluent in Spanish so we can definitely visit Spain. I would really like to go to Eastern Europe but I'm open to anywhere.
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5 months ago
kabolol Hey:) please also check this out, we're looking for travel partners to start this interailing Europe trip ;) http://globetrooper.com/europe-trip-2015-1
1 week ago
adrianisss I'm interested!
kabolol That's brilliant we'll let you know if there's enough people to start this trip:) thank you.
2 weeks ago
Zoe Heyyy! I'm in pretty much the same boat as you, really looking to do a sort of 2 month stint or even longer from January in South East Asia or even Europe or both! Let me know if you fancy it!
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3 weeks ago
Mollie Hey! Check out my trip and tell me what you think? Maybe start in Argentina??
Alpaca I'm also planning a backpacking trip with the same budget and would love to make travel plans with others!
Justin I'm looking to go to Budapest and Prague this summer. August would work for me, I'd be coming from the States.
Beccagoldman I would love to hear more about your plans-- I am 18 and looking to backpack Europe before hearing to college in the fall
Beccagoldman This sounds amazing! Are you still looking for travel partners? I was supposed to backpack through Europe with my best friend, but she can't go anymore and I want to find a new travel partner :)
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2 months ago
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