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Serhii sounds good. can you tell a little more about plan and yours route I from Ukraine and this year want to go travel the world here list where I want to visit https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?authuser=0&authuser=0&hl=ru&hl=ru&mid=zWE8KSwkdvJs.kwWddglc1_0w
Serhii how your trip it has already started I also want to go travel the world but do not know where to start
Avinash Hello Sara, I just saw your post for the Euro trip during early August. I'm currently staying at Eindhoven, The Netherlands and am mainly looking forward to travel to Italy, France and Czech Republic. Well, I could certainly show you all around Amsterdam, as I'm familiar with certain places in and around the main city. Cheers, Avinash
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5 days ago
supertramp G
supertramp G Is this trip still in action?
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1 week ago
WISCO Travelers
WISCO Travelers http://www.eurail.com/europe-by-train/itineraries/european-highlights-itinerary
WISCO Travelers
WISCO Travelers The Eurail Pass for up to 4 countries is $131
1 month ago
WISCO Travelers
WISCO Travelers 5 days within 2 months USD$ 311 6 days within 2 months USD$ 340 8 days within 2 months USD$ 395 10 days within 2 months USD$ 451
1 month ago
WISCO Travelers
WISCO Travelers $1=0.918 Euro
1 month ago
paul Hey im looking to travel western europe also by train at around the same time. What country you planning on going to first?
4 weeks ago
Rahul Sounds good... where exactly are you looking at going.. i did a quite trip across 2 years ago...
zouhair U can contact me here zouhairallali@live.fr
acg5211 Where are you looking to go when you get to Australia, have any interests going to Africa and exploring? My three main places on my list are Australia, Africa, and South America. I have done a lot of Europe and that gets very expensive.
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1 month ago
fabien28 Sound Interesting, i was just thinking of visiting few cities in germany but maybe i could share a part of you're trip, when do you think you will stop in germany ?
CiaraCav Hi Guys! I'm just back from a really similiar trip. I'm from Ireland so started here and then went to Scotland, Wales, Germany, Italy, Spain and Prtugal, I had a blast! I'd totally reccommend getting the ISIC Student Travel Card before you go because it saved me so much money in every country! I also lost my passport on my way back and I could travel on a ferry back to ireland from France so it was a life-saver and it's only 15euro! Totally worth it! Here's the link if you wanna get it! Enjoy your travels! :) http://www.isiccard.ie/
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12 months ago
Sebreto Thnx for the tip , ISIC is really helpful.
2 months ago
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