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Rosa carvalho
Rosa carvalho Hello my name is Rosa. I'm definitely interested in the France to Amsterdam trip. November is a great time for me. Please email me with what you want to do and I will research things I would like to do also.
Jack Miller
Jack Miller I land in New York mid September, I'd love to visit some of the iconic places in America..
shegzyvic i am so much interested in partnering with you. so how do we hook up or meet? send me a mail to shegzyvic@ymail.com to discuss more about this
Trip | RTW
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3 years ago
AUNG SITHU Hi Tia , i am from Myanmar. I will guiding you around in Myanmar during my country visit. just text me up. Cheers.
Ready hi Tia if you have plan to see unforgettable place like ancient monasteries,magnificent Nile Fall,old castles,Extraordinary isolated town of lalibela and so many come to ethiopia and i well be with you
Tatiana Hello :) I'm a 27 year old portuguese girl living in France I am also aiming to travelling for some months starting January 2017. And would love some company. (: I still don't have anything defined but your plan sounds great.
munyirwa osman
munyirwa osman Hello everyone. when you get to East Africa,i am avaliable to help you out. i am in uganda and there are alot of beautiful natural wildlife activities to do.
Alex Wehden
Alex Wehden im defiantly up for a few days in Amsterdam let me know and we will link up
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2 weeks ago
maxb Hola Marina! Planning to check out South America? http://globetrooper.com/south-america-in-a-kombi-2016
Helen and Josh

Helen and Josh Hi! My partner Josh (31yrs) and I (Helen 24yrs) are travelling around Europe and are originally from Australia. So far we will be in Italy during the month of June 2016 and we are currently in Split, Croatia for the month of May. (See profile and travel post for more details) There are many festivals around Italy during the month of June as well!

If you are near and wanted to meet up at some point and see some places together we would love that! We book as we go so we are pretty flexible and open to ideas!

Some of our thoughts are visiting Spain in August to experience the La Tomatina festival (31st August 2016), Germany in September for Octoberfest (September 17th until October 3rd 2016) and possibly Amsterdam in November for the Cannibas Cup ( 24th – 26th of November 2016).

We Would love to hear from you!

Trip | Gap year !!!!
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3 weeks ago
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