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Cytokine I'm in. Let me know the details. I'm an ER doc so if someone gets sick I may help plus I'm good with Spanish so we can cover Latin America or Spainor both
Cytokine Great,. I can join on July 1st. Let me know further details
Cytokine Let me know more details. I'm fluent in Spanish so we can definitely visit Spain. I would really like to go to Eastern Europe but I'm open to anywhere.
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1 month ago
8scn Hi! My name is Sarah. I'm planning on backpacking through Western Europe too. I'm fine going alone but it'd be funner and safer to go with people. Have you decided where you wanted to go yet?
Bex Sounds like a fantastic trip would love to join you, what are your plans? Or just going to see what happens :)
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2 months ago
Angie Sounds amazing! my names Angie & im very interested in this trip! Been wanting to do a backpacking Western Europe trip for awhile :)
pranab Hi! I am very interested in this trip and think it would be lots of fun to be there for New Years. However I won't be able to leave till the 23rd. Let me know what you think. Thanks
Glory hi! were n when is your next trip?
Tamara hey, i am planning a trip to ireland! care to join?
Johann Groenewald
Johann Groenewald My dad and I am looking to drive from the UK to Cape Town around June 2015, 6 to 8 weeks and would love to have company as this would be our first time tackling such an adventure. I am still doing a lot of research and would appreciate some input and anyone keen to join. Please contact me johanncgroen@gmail.com, regards, Johann Groenewald
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