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alexdans Hi Jake! I'd love to take a gap year too, but I can't so instead I'll be traveling in Southeast Asia in the summer, so if you're there I could use a travel companion
Devesh Can you please send me more details or your contact information on devgolani@gmail.com
Jaws20 Same exact situation! Are you still planning to do this trip? I am planning to go for 2 months. Let me know if you are still looking for people to go with.
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1 month ago
Dan4992 Hi Jake I'm really interested but wouldn't be available until march, I have same interests but would like to work towards aussy. I am from the UK too so if you haven't gone already we could plan something?
Clairefogz Hey! This sounds perfect for what I want to do too! Are you still planning to go? :)
Cathy Hello! I've been very busy lately and it's only now that i see your comment. I know it's very late, but I would still like to go if you're still interested! Please let me know :)
1 month ago
Kush Sounds like fun! I'm in!! When are you planning!
Ninanator I'm interested! PM me if you're still planning.
Kyabella Are you still taking your trip Because I'm interested
Kyabella Are you still looking to travel around these dates
Ready hi Tia if you have plan to see unforgettable place like ancient monasteries,magnificent Nile Fall,old castles,Extraordinary isolated town of lalibela and so many come to ethiopia and i well be with you
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