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Lowri hey! this sounds great, im guessing your already backpacking now? im interested in berlin in particular but also want to backpack around europe in general ! let me know if you fancy getting to know one another better :) x
kunalup Interested. Posted a similar trip: http://globetrooper.com/eurotrip-2016 Let me know if it sounds good to you.
kunalup So many countries in such a short span, won't it be too hectic?
Kay how does this work ?
Kayla LowDog
Kayla LowDog Whats up Laura? I'm really into going to Munich and Berlin this year, I'll be living in Paris at this time, you planning on hostel life?
Kayla LowDog
Kayla LowDog hey guys! I'll be stationing myself in Paris from September ---> ?? I'd love to jump in the Italy portion of this, Portugal, Berlin, Italy....who is all actually going? I'm super flexible but just want to link up with some people, bounce hostel ideas off someone else. Have someone to walk with. I like to hitchhike, have no plans, and am talented in the art of wandering Europe.
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1 month ago
AUNG SITHU Hi Tia , i am from Myanmar. I will guiding you around in Myanmar during my country visit. just text me up. Cheers.
Dmitry Hi. I am going to visit Venice area for one week from 12th of August. Is it interested for you?
Katsumi Soi
Katsumi Soi Hi, Are you living in Asia, and want t go to Europe? I want to suggest some, but I do not know what you are living
Omer I am planning to travel in Europe this summer preferably Italy, Czech Republic, but open minded to suggestions. Flexible with date but prefer August while the weather is hot.
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