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Elin Hi, when are you planing to be in Italy or Spain? I will start my inter rail trip at the 23 of May and will start it in Germany (as that is where I live at the moment) and then go down to Switzerland/Italy/Spain. Would be nice to not spend all train rides alone! Cheers.
melanie This sounds like an amazing trip! I wasn't planning on traveling to europe just to keep the price down (I'll also be there in May-June of this year so I don't see the purpose of going twice) but check out the trip I created! Maybe we could meet somewhere along the way.
Desirae Ott
Desirae Ott Super duper interested! I have been working on my own route for some time now, I just don't think a trip will be as enjoyable if forged alone. Many of our destinations seem to match up and so does our traveling style/purpose. My time frame begins mid May 2015, a bit later than yours--but we could always meet up someplace along your way! If you don't mind, I would love to stay updated on your plans as they begin to come together!
melanie You're trip sounds amazing! I also plan on traveling around the same time frame and have a pretty similar mindset as yours. Check out my trip and let me know if you'd want to travel together :)
melanie This sounds so cool! Check out my trip plans and let me know if you'd want to travel together :)
amits hey, I am working on a similar sorta plan myself as i am looking to travel solo around the same time. I am looking at 3rd week of July to mid Aug'2014. I have a rough route plan that i am taking forward to take my plan forward. However, i am still open for suggestions and ideas :) Amit
Danics I'm planning to do a bit of the Silk Route :) starting this November. What are your plans (regarding where/when)?
shannon2632 I'm looking into traveling RTW as well as a gap year between high school and college (Summer 2015-Summer 2016). We should keep in touch!
melanie Hey! Go check out the RTW gap year trip I created and let me know if you would be interested! I think we have pretty similar plans!
1 month ago
Amanda Hey, are you still interested in finding a travel buddy? I am a 23 year old female from NY who'd love to travel along in Germany with you. I'm also very open to activities (though culture, landscape, and history are in my top loves).
Jibran how is it possible that you can visit so many places in that budget.. don't worry i am in...
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Which island nation in the Indian Ocean produces almost 10 percent of the world's tea?

Trivia: Which island nation in the Indian Ocean produces almost 10 percent of the world's tea?