Tibet and Mt. Kailash in October

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Dates 28 Sep '10 to 15 Oct '10

Flexible? Somewhat

Est. Cost 870 - 1,500 USD (USD United States Dollars)

Type Travel Partners Wanted

Name Tibet and Mt. Kailash in October

My wife and I are traveling for the year and starting out in Tibet. We are looking to be in Tibet the very end of September or early October to follow the itinerary below: (Say September 28-October 16 or so) - we can be a little flexible, but want to get to Kailash before any snow sets in. We would also not mind spending a few more days in Lhasa. We are both teachers in our early 30's from the US.

Day 1: Arrive in Lhasa

Welcome to Lhasa! Transfer to your hotel and get settled.

Day 2: Lhasa

In the morning, visit the Potala Palace, the greatest monumental structure in all of Tibet. Also visit the Jokhang Temple, which is located in Barkhor square in Lhasa. The Barkhor is a famous shopping street filled with goods and souvenirs from Tibet, Nepal, and India. Pilgrims from all over Tibet visit the Barkhor to pray in front of the Jokhang.

Day 3: Sera Monastery and Norbulingka

Visit Sera monastery, where you can watch monks debate in the courtyard. Afterwards, visit the Norbulingka, the summer Palace of H.H. the Dalai Lama.

Day 4: Drepung Monastery and Ramoche Temple

Visit Drepung, one of the three most famous monasteries in Lhasa. Drepung is located just outside Lhasa on Gambo Utse Mountain. Afterwards, visit Ramoche, a small monastery located in the city center.

Day 5: Lhasa – Yamdrok Lake – Gyantse (3900 m)

Beginning your adventure in the Himalayas, drive to Gyantse. Along the way cross over the Kamba la (4794m) and the Karo la passes (5010m), which boast spectacular views. After Kamba la, arrive at Yamdrok Lake, a holy turquoise-colored lake with stunning scenery. Stay the night in Gyantse

Day 6: Gyantse – Shigatse (3800 m)

In the morning, visit Gyantse stupa and monastery followed by a two hour drive to Shigatse. Here, see the giant Buddha in the famous Tashilunpo monastery. Spend the night in Shigatse

Day 7: Shigatse – Lhatse (4350m)

Drive up to two high mountain passes with a great view of the Himalayas. In Lhatse, visit a small Gelugpa monastery called Lhatse Chode.

Day 8: Lhatse – Saga (4450m)

Drive through the countryside, where you can see small lakes and nomads camping with their yaks and sheep. In the late afternoon, cross over the Bramha Putra River on the way to typical Chinese and Tibetan town. Spend the night in Saga.

Day 9: Paryang (4600m)

Drive through a wide valley along a scenic river and look out on the grazing lands of yaks and sheep. Towards the south, you can see sand dunes, rocky mountains, and snow-capped peaks. Depending on the season, nomads and other mobile shopkeepers will be attired in beautiful traditional costume. Join them for a cup of hot tea in their home. Overnight in Paryang.

Day 10: Paryang – Manasarovar (4558m)

Drive West. In late afternoon you will catch your first sight of Holy Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Spend the night in a small village nearby Lake Manasarovar.

Day 11: Holy Lake Manasarovar (4558m)

Visit Manasarovar, the highest freshwater lake in the world. This turquoise-colored lake is full of fish and swans. Holy Mt. Kailash, Mt. Gurula-Mandala, and Lake Rashekshi surround Manasarovar. The region is considered rich in gold and other minerals, hot springs and hundreds of wild living creatures. Overnight at Lake Manasarovar.

Day 12: Puja – Darchen (4565m)

Manasarovara is the lake of compassion, tranquility and bliss. After completing a morning puja (offering prayer) we head towards Tarchen, which is considered the base camp of Mt. Kailash. Overnight in Darchen.

Day 13: Trek – Dehara Puk (5000m)

Walk along beautiful rocky cliffs and take pictures of breathtaking waterfalls. Take deep breaths of fresh air. From time to time, the face of Mt. Kailash will appear. Be prepared for some difficult hiking.

Day 14: Yatra and Dolma – La Pass (5670m)

Hike across a valley up to the Dolma-La Pass. At the top, make an offering, take a break (or meditate), and forget all your cares and worries. Afterwards, begin descending. By the late afternoon arrive at Zuthal Puk, the cave of miracles where Milerepa once stayed.

Day 15: Return to Manasarovara

After finishing your circuit (kora) of Mt. Kailash, a car will pick you up and take you to Darchen. Stay overnight at Darchen or Lake Manasovora.

Day 16: Lake Manasarovar – Paryang

Begin the journey back to Lhasa

Day 17: Paryang – Saga

Enjoy a beautiful view of Himalaya ranges.

Day 18: Saga – Shigatse (with the option of going to the Nepal border)

From here we were debating going to EBC for an extra day or two before heading into Nepal.

We are looking for 2 travel companions with a sense of adventure. The cost of the tour (days 1-18) is 5900 Y or about $870 per person with a highly recommended agency that uses Tibetan guides. If you are interested, please message me or email at onebigllama@hotmail.com

The costs above include the guides, transportation and arrangements. They do not include food, accommodation or entry fees.


Shane and Rachel

Tibet and Mt. Kailash in October

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Error Hi Shane and Rachel, I just read your email on Globetrooper and my friend and I are looking at a similar itinerary ( we want to inc EBC). Are you still looking for people to join your tour? We are currently in Kunming but looking to arrive in Tibet around September 20th. If you still are looking for people it would be good to discuss in more detail. We are 1 Aussie and 1 kiwi (male and female) also in our early 30's. Cheers Lizy
8 years ago
krishexplorergt Hi Shane & Rachel, I am interested to join you in the trip. But I am looking for a female companion to join with me. I could share or pay full after I find good companion. Feel free to recommend someone who is interested. - Krish
8 years ago
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Tibet and Mt. Kailash in October


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