Tibet - Lhasa to Nepal border (Zhangmu)

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Dates 24 Oct '10 to 31 Oct '10

Flexible? Yeah, sure

Est. Cost 4,500 - 5,500 CNY (CNY China Yuan Renminbi)

Type Travel Partners Wanted

Name Tibet - Lhasa to Nepal border (Zhangmu)

Hello folks, I am looking for 3 others to share costs for an 8-day overland trip from Lhasa to Zhangmu at the Nepal border around late October/early Novmenber of this year. I plan on starting this trip somewhere around the 23rd Oct to the 2nd Nov.

The itinerary would be something like this -
1: Arrive in Lhasa
2: Lhasa - Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Bazaar (Tour of Tibetan hermitages and History)
3: Lhasa - Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery (Tour of Tibetan Religion)
4: Lhasa / Gyangtse (alt.4040m)/ Shigatse(alt3850m) (Tour Of Tibetan holy lake)
5: Shigatse/Sayka Monastery/ Lhatse (alt4012m) (Tour of Tibetan Religion Panorama)
6: Lhatse/ Rongbuk Monastery/EBC/ Rongbuk Monastery(alt5100m) (Tour of Tibetan greatness)
7: Rongbuk Monastery/Zhangmu(alt2000m)
8: Boarder transfer, tour ends

I have contacted a few agencies and the cheapest I found quoted the prices below, based on group size -

1 pax: RMB 8166 = USD 1200
2 pax: RMB 4317 = USD 635 per person
3 pax: RMB 2937 = USD 432 per person
4 pax: RMB 2480 = USD 365 per person

Very reasonable prices I think!

Heres what it includes and excludes -

Price includes:
01)A comfortable vehicle rental and experienced driver.( Land cruiser out of Lhasa to Nepal)
02) All the land transportation fee to the places mentioned in the itinerary.
03) A Tibetan Local English-speaking tour guide.
04) Guide and vehicle entry to Mt. Everest
05) Guide and driver’s food and accommodation
06) Service charge for preparation, arrangement, coordination before and during the trip.
07) The necessary Tibet travel permits, also known as TTB or PSB.
08) Travel Insurance
09) Oxygen supply on vehicle

Price excludes:
01) All airfares, air tax and train tickets.
02) Entrance fee to the sightseeing places
03) All accommodation in Tibet
04) Extra expenses and/of additional days caused due to unexpected events (delays, porterage because of landslides and other natural events.)
05) Tour guides and driver's tips
06) Bank charge of payment
07) Nepal visa fee

I asked for the quote to exclude accommodation, meals and prices of tickets to attractions. I believe it would be cheaper to sort accomod. and meals out ourselves.

Please let me know if you're interested! My email is one_737@yahoo.co.uk

Tibet - Lhasa to Nepal border (Zhangmu)

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Diego i'm looking for this same trip. Have you fixed your dates?
8 years ago
vaninka Hello, guy! Take a view to my travel! Our date is fixed because of we have bought the flight. We hope to stay in Tibet from thursday september 23 and 9 days from this on route come back to kathmandu.
8 years ago
Tiion Hey...I had a look at your trip details, though unfortunatley september is a bit too early for me. I was planning near the mid to late october range. Anyway, I hope you have a good trip!
8 years ago
Lauren Hi Tiion, there's actually a perfect group of 3 friends wanting a fourth comrade to join their Tibet trip: http://globetrooper.com/tibet-friendship-highway-september-october-2010 Check it out
8 years ago
vaninka Thanks again, Lauren! I´m a little confused because of last night party ;)
8 years ago
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Tibet - Lhasa to Nepal border (Zhangmu)


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