Tour of a lifetime in North Korea

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Dates 16 Aug '10 to 23 Aug '10

Flexible? Somewhat

Est. Cost 780 - 1,100 EUR (EUR Euro)

Type Travel Partners Wanted

Name Tour of a lifetime in North Korea

Hi! I'm Alex, I'm 25 and from London.

Last year I went to North Korea on a semi-independent tour and it shocked and surprised me so much ( 1st that it was possible, 2nd that the country had so much to offer ) that I vowed to come back this year to penetrate the mysterious hermit kingdom deeper.

Normally visiting NK with big tour groups costs several thousand Euro, and is reserved for old guys with money. (Borrring)

But this year I'm organising on my own a trio of tours - one in Aug, two in Sept - which cut out all the middle men, and make the trips possible at the absolute rock bottom price. To make this break even, I have to get 15 people (not hard, right?)

Each trip will last 5 days initially, with the option to stay on for a few more after others have left.

The dates of the trips are as follows:

August 16th to the 21st (short tour) or 23rd (long tour)

September 13th to 18th (short tour) or 21th (long tour)

September 27th to Oct 2nd (short tour) or Oct 4th (long tour)

The cost includes almost everything leaving from and returning to Beijing - hotels, transport, all meals etc. There are only one or two things not included but this will not exceed an extra 50 euros or so MAX.

I have itineraries for the trips which are quite long to write here so I can email them to you if we start communicating (as well as all other details). I've not used this site before so I'll keep it relatively brief here for now!!

Hope you're interested, and that we can meet in Pyongyang!!



Tour of a lifetime in North Korea

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eskibeat Hey Guys! Sorry i didn't get back to anyone for so long. I've put notices about this trip on other sites too so just forgot.. and yea, was hoping for a DM feature. If you wanna come along just drop me an email alex_hoban at hotmail dot com and I'll just send you the details direct and we can chat from there! Cheers Alex
8 years ago
Lauren Hey guys, sorry for the confusion. There's no private messaging on Globetrooper (yet). We're trying to encourage talking in the comments on each trip so that late-comers can easily read up on the plan and any changes you've discussed. But you can also fill out your profile in more detail to include a photo/avatar, an About section, social accounts like facebook & twitter, your own website or blog etc. so that if you need/want to talk privately, you can easily do so. Hope that helps, let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.
8 years ago
Katie Hi Alex, I also had a problem working out how to message you. Do you know how to?
8 years ago
Deluxe Hi there, I'm definitely interested in talking with you Alex, though this website confuses me somewhat and can't figure out how to communicated directly -__-;;
8 years ago
rubyxxcube Seriously?! North Korea? wow. How many of you are going?
8 years ago
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Tour of a lifetime in North Korea


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Created by

eskibeat eskibeat
United Kingdom

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rubyxxcube Deluxe Katie Lauren


Greater Asia


  • Visit to only nightclub in the w
  • DMZ Demilitarized Zone - trip to
  • Kaesong - the former capital of
  • 1st ever trip to Hamhung - no to
  • Wonson - Port City with Beach
  • Lots and Lots of fun
  • Surprise yourself
  • Interact with North Korea people
  • Extreme learning curve
  • See Mass Games - World Record fo
  • The strangest tourist attraction
  • Incredible Architecture / scener
  • Chance to see inside the world's
  • Hiking in unspoilt Socialist cou
  • Kim Jong Il's Private Spa
  • Pyongyang


  • Trekking & Hiking
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Backpacking