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Sebastian Graham
Sebastian Graham Has anyone traveled along the crusade route? It's something I'd love to do, follow the crusaders from Europe to Jerusalem! Anyone have any experience or interest in this trip?
Region | Middle East Travel Forum 8 years ago
Todd Hey Sebastian. When we did Egypt last year we were considering to do a much larger trip with Geckos called Pharaohs, Crusaders & Kings. Unfortunately, time off work didn't allow for it. I think it would be a great cultural trip. Are you keen? Late 2011 maybe?
8 years ago
24seven Hey guys.. i've got similar idea as well. Doing europe and hop to jerusalem. Absolutely new to this.. but im all ready to pack and go. :D I've done some parts of southeast asia alone.. i suppose i m pretty independent but still a little freakout thinking of europe.Anyhow, drop me an email if your keen to do the trip together. =) Jac
8 years ago
scottooooo I'm doing it kinda reverse in September.Cairo to Istanbul,by way of Israel and Syria
8 years ago
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