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ADVRHINO Sounds perfect!!!! I think I meet all the criteria, I don't live in Europe (I'm in Australia) I am fanatical motorcyclist with plenty of long distance trips under my belt and drive like Ms Daisy

I speak 3 languages, each as useless as the other for this trip, but with your new skills we can at least say goodbye and "she cooks" to four different nationalities ... the possibilities are endless.

Happy to support your cause, and that of the kiddies (as a veteran child protection worker I think its a tops cause!)

I am sure I can fund raise the required seaclams for this noble enterprise. Like the carbon offset ... it will ease my motorcycling racing guilty conscience.

I am over 30, self sufficient, with ample recreation leave up my sleeve .....

Oh for Pete's sake pick me already and send me and email so we can skype etc and get this 4 wheeled Mary Celeste venture on the road ...

Yours in U turns, flat tyres and exploding dashboard oranges.


MongolianAli Eru, that just put a smile on my face. I'll forgive you for being in Australia. Being a Briton I have relatives (I do infact have an Aunt Sheila in Adelaide...). If not already, have a look at website and the Mongol Rally section and if you're not terrified but excited after reading then let's talk! @MongolianAli :-))
7 years ago
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