Hey all. My name is Alex. Grew up in Ohio in the USA. I am currently in hopes of setting up my journey in western USA. If you have any interest in making part of the journey with me do not hesitate to contact. I am a very easy-going guy who, after going through the opportunities of school/university studies and working in corporate world, I am seeking truth and a spiritual journey of sorts.

I've studied in fine arts all my life and currently working in graphic design for a publishing company while freelancing promotional materials and album art/photography for musicians. A fun path yet the money and work are not what I am searching for right now. Hence, this journey.

I am very open-minded and have a belief human interaction and friends are what make up core values of life, not the job you work or the money you make. I am currently finishing the process of selling off most of my possessions and making this year the beginning of many travels.

Interests: art, ideas, philosophy, souls, Alexander Supertramp, sunshine, music that gives you the chills, adventure, morals, belief in humanity, spirituality as opposed to religion. I'll add more as it comes to mind.

I am somewhat experienced in outdoors/hiking/camping and am looking to expand my knowledge of the outdoors through personal adventure, meeting similar individuals and making my way around the western side of the US.

I like black coffee, and making chit chat.

Goals: I hope to get to Australia one day. But in the meantime, the US is my goal and the people I meet are what make that up. I hope to find a heightened sense of life while out and about but plan to have loads of fun while doing it. Happiness is key. I understand that a journey is not all fun and games and there are trials and hardships but that's life. I make the most of those situations and appreciate true character during such times.

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Alex Hey buddy, your trip sounds interesting as far as your ideas on how to get by. I am currently living in ohio and planning to head out to Denver to begin some travels and continue on out west. Are you heading out of the states straight away? Or otherwise, more than welcome to join. Haven't made an event for it yet, but lookin to dead out mid September or so.
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6 years ago
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