Hello everyone!!!

My name is Andy and I´m 24yo. I was born in the Czech Republic - Prague and I currently live in the USA ( New York). I love travelling and meeting new people, but my the biggest dream is go anywhere by bus/van. I sick of this life, I love my family and friends, but I wanna live a bit different. I don´t need a big house, the best job...etc. I wanna enjoy my life another way! I would love living in the camper and traveling! I would love to visit a lot´s of place. I used to live in Turkey, UK and I visited a bunch of places in Europe and Africa.
I´m peaceful, responsible, easy going, clean, friendly person! :)
I will be so happy if I will find somebody who wants to do the same thing.
Thank you and feel free to contact me! :)

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Name Andrea
Home Country United States of America
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