Andy Prod

Hi, Im 27 and from London, At the moment im planning to travel alone but im more than happy making new friends to travel with. My plans are at the moment is to leave around middle of july, i want to travel to south america, fiji islands and also have tibet on my mind, but im happy to go with the flow as i have nothing set in stone yet.

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Kaity Hammerstein
Kaity Hammerstein I am looking to travel Central America from September through November. I would love to go through Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Anyone else interested?
Andy Prod
Andy Prod hey, im thinking about going costa rica aswel after i visit south ameria, are you planning to go there at the end of your trip?
5 years ago
Dionysios hello I am Dennis I am planning also to make a trip in South America starting from Argentina around the beginning of November here is also my itinerary: Is anyone interesting for this trip? 4 days ago
4 years ago
Andy Prod
Andy Prod hey, im looking to travel to peru and south america around about the same time let me know if you decide anything as im looking to meet people to venture to the same place
Andy Prod
Andy Prod hey, have you made any plans where you want to go after you visit london?
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Andy Prod

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