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Ankur Hi there, wherever you travel in India, make sure you are not roaming alone on the streets post 8pm on a lonely street or beaches. Even if you are a group of 3 - 4 girls, its wiered feeling on a foreign land post 8pm with hardly any people on streets. However, during day time, remember you are in India. Surrounded by a billion people, everything is just super safe and helpful people. Also, avoid local pubs or hard booze.

Also, I belong to Mumbai City. I have seen non Indian lonely girls travelling in public transport, etc alone post 11pm. Cities like Mumbai, Kolkata which are very much alive till midnight are safe for lonely travelers. However, try no to roam.

Also, during day time you will find million people helping you out with travel directions, etc.

India is a exotic place with lots of new learning, experience, diversity, people, nature diversity (from huge Himalayan mountains to beaches, to tropical jungles to dessert and oasis, to historical places to mega cities and finally small villages).

Enjoy you trip.

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