I travel to experience the fun of life. Traveling more and expand your heart with the life more . I love the freedom and i wish can travel alot and eat lots of delicious food. I believe in the world no ethnic distance and color. So let's explore this world

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Antina Planning for my trip through Vietnam.

I am a Vietnam girl, but I never take the time to travel in my country. Now I decided to implement it in their journeys through Vietnam

My plan is to meet the flight from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Noi and start from Hanoi

Fly From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh : Stay 4 days ( travel around Hanoi )

From Ha Noi go to Ha Long Bay : Stay 3 days

From Ha Long go to Lang Son : 2 or 3 days

From Lang Son go to Cao Bang : 2 days

From Cao Bang go to Yen Bai : 1 days

From Yen Bai go to Son La (Sapa here) : 3 days

From Son La go to Hoa Binh (with hot springs): 2 days

From Hoa Binh go to Ninh Binh (temples with statues thousand of Buddha): 2 days

This is my travel itinerary of the northern Vietnam.
I'm star my trip 27th this month. And i think 1 or 2 month for travel all vietnam
Let have fun in trip togerther if u are interesting. Let me know ur plan so we can meet up anywhere in vietnam hehe . Cheer !

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