Antriksh Nikhil Garg

I don't know what I can say about myself. However, in context with this travel portal; I have been travelling mostly around India since the past two years. Practicing spirituality and networking, living and developing self sustained, off the grid farming communities. We are a determined lot, like most community dwellers, driven to create a positive impact on our Eco system to the best of our ability. We are also traveling pretty often. We have had several volunteers come work with us from around the globe, and always welcome individuals motivated to pursue this lifestyle and make it a viable option for those who might not be aware of or have the opportunity.
I'm hoping to find some interesting people, from different parts of the world, and India of course, to come and collaborate, live, travel, develop communities, organic farm, cool, build homes, make music and revolutionise the current generation to adopt a peaceful, harmonious and sustainable lifestyle for themselves and others around them.

Lots of love and light.

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Antriksh Nikhil Garg

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