Have lived in:
- Johannesburg, South Africa
- Vancouver, Canada
- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
- Victoria, Canada

Looking to travel to Europe, Asia, South America... for now.

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Ashleigh Hi there, I just discovered this site via Springwise. Awesome stuff! Give me a shout when you're in Vancouver, I'd love to meet you. If you're interested in going somewhere less urban while in the Pacific Northwest, I'd suggest hitting up Vancouver Island for a couple days, there are some gorgeous sights if you're into more nature/hiking activities... Also, your psychedelic, hippy van would be widely excepted by the locals. From the island you can ferry straight to Seattle. Email me if you're interested in meeting up in Vancouver or trip details:
Lauren Hey Ashleigh - love your profile pic! Where was it taken? Would love to hook up with you in Vancouver, will let you know when a bit closer to the date.
8 years ago
Ashleigh Sounds good. The photo was taken by a frozen waterfall at the far end of Lake Louise (near Banff) in Alberta. It's definitely worth checking out while you're driving through the Rockies. The lake is gorgeous year round, a bit touristy but the hikes in the surrounding mountains are brilliant (the lake is notorious for its bright blue glacier water, but should be frozen over by December due to snow fall starting in early November). Also, check out the Rocks and Gems shop in Chateau Lake Louise.
8 years ago
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