Greetings, fellow Earthians — or any other sentient life forms kind enough to take a moment out of their day to peruse my profile.

Undoubtedly, the purpose of this space is to introduce myself. I must say, however, that I’ve scarcely begun penning my life story. Indeed, I find that my interests are much more telling, anyhow. Thus, instead of a biography, allow me to present this delightfully disorganized, woefully incomplete, bulleted list of the first fifty things to pop into my mind!

• Star Trek: TOS
• DC Comics (especially Batman!)
• Comic book movies
• Sherlock
• Game of Thrones
• Classic video games
• Astronomy
• Psychology
• Hiking
• Parapsychology
• Therian/Otherkin
• Museums
• Cryptids
• Paranormal
• Sci-fi
• Game development
• Anime
• Conventions/Cosplay
• DC Universe Online/WoW
• Psychonautics
• Traveling the world on foot
• All the animals!
• Homestuck
• Harry Potter
• Board games
• Card games
• Mortal Kombat
• Trying foods from other countries
• Rave!
• Writing
• Cooking
• Hookah
• Being in nature
• Beautiful architecture
• Ancient mysteries
• Medical oddities
• Anything, natural or manmade, that cannot yet be explained
• Occult
• Unusual insects
• Ice skating
• Amusement parks (roller coasters!)/Carnivals/Circuses
• Pokemon
• Music (any genre + foreign)/Singing (not amazing)
• Theater (films AND plays)
• Foraging
• Reading
• Animated movies/Cartoons
• Horror
• Kickball/Soccer/Ping pong/Tennis/Bowling
• Scuba diving (haven’t yet tried)

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