Hi :)

I am a 25 year old Aussie male currently living in London.

Love exploring new places and meeting new people

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Damo Hi I will be doing a few countries in E Europe this summer also. I have doe a fair few already, so if you want any advice etc I can try to kelp. Also living in London and will prob be hitting up Belarus/Ukraine late Aug (check out my trip), would be good to have some english speaking friends in some of these places. Damo
AussieTraveller Hey Mate, the trip you are planning sounds awesome!! When I have more of an idea of dates and exact places I'm going to head to Ill let you know and see if any of our plans match up for eastern europe, always good to catch up with fellow travellers along the way!
7 years ago
AussieTraveller Hi How are you? Very keen to join in on this trip! I'm currently living in London and planning on travelling around Europe this year. I have always wanted to spend at least 6 months travelling around Asia and was planning on doing that after here, so around March 2013 would be a perfect time
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