18 year old gap year student going to uni in the fall. Bubbly, adventurous, easygoing girl with a love of Classical history, Old World culture and a solid appreciation for a good party and some nightlife :)

I'm a trooper in every sense of the world, been traveling with my parents since I was born, know how to take care of myself and I wont complain every time my feet hurt or my hair gets out of place :P

Looking for an amazing adventure in Europe with some fun, young people!

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Haaland Dear BeeJay, I'm in Italy between 1st and 10th of June. I'm heading for Cinque Terre (known as the Italian Riviera, I promise fun) and Florence (from 5th to 10th). If one or more of my days in Italy suites your plan, let me know, let's meet up! Also, I know italian and I do have some tips for you both on Florence, Rome and Venice, so write me if I can help out! Regards, Øyvind
BeeJay2930 haaland, thanks for the offer! Sounds like we'll just miss each other in Florence, im probably going to be there may 31 - june 4. but i might spend an extra day somewhere before that, so who knows. but i would definitely love any advice you have on italy, and language help if youve got some, since i dont know any italian at all!! im hoping my knowledge of French will point me in the general direction but ill definitely be taking a phrase book :P
8 years ago
BeeJay2930 hey, definitely interested!! check out my trip and if you like at least some of that plan please get back to me soon! if you want to start off with france and italy i could definitely join you for those parts, starting around may 20th as well. thanks!
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