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bellinasia Hi Kazzy, I intend to spend a couple of weeks in Goa this October (I'm based in Mumbai at the moment) Get in touch if you fancy meeting up.
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4 years ago
Todd Here's Kazzy's reply (Kazzy: you accidentally replied to the email instad of posting here). ---- Hello, Thanks so much for getting in touch and sorry for the slow reply! I'm doing a trip with STA Travel for a month and it finishes in Kerala on 23rd November this year. I'm then staying in India and I'm going to make my own way to Goa - would you be around in November? I'm 26, English, I live in London and I'l be travelling alone, I've never used Globe Trotter before so it's a bit confused to me! ( I couldn't see your name!) Thanks for you message. Kaz x
3 years ago
bellinasia Hi Asma, I'm an English girl (28) who's going to be living in Mumbai from September. I'll be volunteering and studying but also up for travelling around the region. Get in touch if you fancy meeting up :)
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