Bere Belmares

24 year old International Affairs recent graduate from Monterrey city, Mexico.

Speak Spanish, English, Italian and French fluently. And survival German.

Have two dogs, a rodhesian ridgeback and a beagle!

Sports "enthusiast".

Write and play guitar as a hobbie.

Huge fan of Louis CK, pesto and tacos.

Not a big fan of George Lopez, papaya, and Mexican soap-operas.

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Bere Belmares
Bere Belmares Hey there! Serais-tu à New Orleans le 29 -2 Juin??
Titus van Zon
Titus van Zon Hey Devon, I'm Titus, 19 years old and from Holland. I was planning a 2-3 month road trip east to west coast but my friend cancelled because of work. I still want to do a road trip through the US before i go to university. Your trip seems very interesting. I actually wanted to see some southern states but at this moment i'll take any chance i get because it's quite hard to find a travel partner. I just wanna go, enjoy and experience. If things dont work out we could always split. Let me know what you think. Greets, Titus
Lisa Hi Devon, could you update your profile like how old are you and is it just yourself at this stage ?
5 years ago
Devon Nel
Devon Nel Sorry, I am 23, from New Zealand. You can see my couchsurfing profile here which should give you more information about me It is just me and nothing certain at this stage (except that I am going to the states), just keen to see what interest arises. Thanks, Devon.
5 years ago
Bere Belmares
Bere Belmares Hey there! Will be hitting NOLA on my own on the 29th. Will you guys be there by then?
5 years ago
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Bere Belmares

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