Blue Horizon

Was Born and raised in South Africa. Am a very outdoors type of guy. Travelled quite a bit with my old job. Now am Finishing up on work for my Commercial Pilots License.

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Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon So what are your "must sees"?
MK87 I definitely want to see france, Germany, and Italy. Very broad I know but these are the places I'm planning on spending the most time.
6 years ago
Waldemar Sounds great. My plan is to travel from Germany to France, Spain and Italy in late summer. Do you have any detailed plans for your trip? when is ur flight to Germany etc.? Come and visit us in Germany ;-)
5 years ago
Natalie Hey Im looking at being in St Tropez on the last week of june or first week in september and am looking for up to 6 people to share accommodation with me. check out my link
5 years ago
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