Just a quick escape to Copenhagen & Herning to watch a Linkin Park concert.
Doesn't mean I wont be going elsewhere until then!

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Bufillas Hi guys!! I just discovered Globetrooper and I love it!

I've taken a look at the places you intend to visit and I'd just like to comment on some places you might want to see.

Yosemite and Colorado Canyon: amazing wildlife and some incredible views I definitely wouldn't miss.

Route 66: One of those trips I'd like to do in my life & I hope I have time

Alaska & Canada Mountains: Definitely a MUST! It's a shame it may be too cold/snowy for a Road trip around november..

On the "down" side, I wouldn't spend much time in Las Vegas (expensive and artificial), LA or Montreal. All are big cities, too expensive and really not worth much time, having so many other places to visit.. but hey, thats my opinion! (haviing already been there)

Good luck to you guys and I hope you have a great time!!

Lauren Hi Bufillas, thanks for advice. We've actually been living in Montreal for the past few months so most of the time on the road will be from here west and then down south, and back to Toronto for xmas. But nothing is set in stone. We don't even have a hippy van yet!! We'll hopefully be able to get a cheaper one in Oct when we get back from Peru. We definitely plan on visiting Yosemite and will do a bit of research on what we can do at Colorado Canyon too. Tx!
8 years ago
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