hey my name is jonathan cairns 23 from belfast northern ireland and have had a a passion for wanting to travel for a while now but money and friends not having the swingers to do so has been the only reason i havent, but now im just going to go for it but with others with the same passion as me, i would love to do mount kili in jan/feb 2013 need the rest off the year to save the cash, i havent got facebook because i think its ridiculous so if anybody wishes to contact me please do so through email :)

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cairnbun hey soffia im 100% up for this climb, i originally registered for this site hoping that i could find a group off people up for this, fantastic. i would love to keep in touch with you and find out more info on how we go about arranging it, i would like to go feb/march of 2013 but obviously that may not suit everyone so i would like to be kept updated with every detail, thanks ;)
Bart hey Cairnbun, my friends and I are going to Kili in February 2013. We have bought tickets and arranged for the entire trek already. Let me know what your plans are. Thx. Bart
5 years ago
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