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Todd Looks like a fun trip Caitlin. In case you're looking for ideas, we've written a lot about our travel through South America on the blog (

Some quick tips though:
- I'd stay in San Telmo over Palermo in Buenos aires if you plan to stay for a few days or weeks; it's just a little more traditional and less commercial. You'll love the jazz played on the terraces into the early morning.
- If you're a meat-eater and plan to try the steak, go for the Bife de Lomo if you like a lean cut, or the Bife de Chorizo for a tasty cut (nothing to do with chorizo sausages)
- Bolivia is awesome. The landscapes are gorgeous, the people are friendly, it's a touristy enough that you'll get by with just English, but best of all is the unofficial prison tour!
- See this post for more info on the prison tour:
- Peru is nice and varied and the people are friendly and of course there's Macchu Picchu. If you want to do the classic trek up and down all of the stairs for 3 days, you should try to book 6 months ahead
- We've written lots about Peru on the blog :)

Anyway, hope it all goes well and let us know if you have any questions.

Caitlin Thanks so much Todd! San Pedro prison is definitely something we want to have a look at! Will have a read of your blog, thanks for your help!
7 years ago
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