Hello everyone!! I’m a female currently living in the US in Wisconsin. For many years I have wanted to do more international traveling and have found many excuses not to, like fear and money. I have just turned 30 and can’t bear the thought of not fulfill my dreams of travel, because of fear and I’m pretty sure I’ll never have “enough money”!! I was looking into guided trips around the world when I came across Globe Trooper; you all are so inspiring to me. Because I have not done much international traveling I was thinking going with a group of people would be educational and fun. I plan to start this adventure in September of 2012 and would love any thoughts or ideas you many have on planning this trip. I am looking into getting some kind of certificate to teach English as a way to make money while traveling and am also interested in doing some work on the harvest trail in Australia. I would like to start my trip from New York in September and head to Italy; I think it would be beautiful in the fall. From there slowly make my way to Australia for their summer. Threw out my travels I would like to stop in Africa and Indonesia, and as many places in between! I’m thinking 6 months for this trip and on a budget, so I’m thinking backpacking, hostels, couch surfing, camping, etc. It would be great to have an individual or group of people with some travel experience, a sense of humor, and a kind and adventurous spirit to join me!! Please message me if you’re interested.

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