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Cass Hi Ashley, I'm 19 from Australia and also looking at backpacking through Europe in July and August. I don't have any set plans but I'd like to see as much as I can! Huge interest in places along the Mediterranean like Portugal, Spain, amalfi coast and Greek islands. Give me a message if you'd like
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4 years ago
Taylor H.
Taylor H. I like where your minds at! The places you want to see are exactly where I want to go! I just booked my plane ticket and will be landing in italy second week of july, and flying out of amsterdam second week of august. I am hoping to find some travel companions so message me if you'd like!
3 years ago
Cass Hi, I'm from Australia and planning my Europe trip for around the same time. No plans as of yet but interested in seeing as much of Europe as I can. Would be good to have someone to travel with! Let me know :)
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