My name is Cathy Gonggrijp, I am 18 years old. I just finished high school in the Netherlands and because I couldn't decide which college to go to, I wanted to take a gap year. I'm young, short, and easily intimidated, so to go backpacking on my own is not something i feel comfortble with. I'm looking for someone my age who feels the same and would like to go on an adventure with me!

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Sarah327327 SO interested!
Kush Im guessing this didnt happen?
2 years ago
Cathy Nope, it didn't.. Sorry! New to this website and I don't know how to delete my post..
2 years ago
Clairefogz Hey! This sounds perfect for what I want to do too! Are you still planning to go? :)
Cathy Hello! I've been very busy lately and it's only now that i see your comment. I know it's very late, but I would still like to go if you're still interested! Please let me know :)
3 years ago
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