Hey Im colette , i'm a 25 year old female from Ireland. In my last year of college and when i finish i would love to do some travelling , Thailand is where i want to go first , plan is to spend 6 months volunteering in pattaya then see where ever the road takes me!!! first time travellor - open too anything!!! :-)

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cg1586 hey marcia how are you?? your plan is basically the same as mine, all your destinations are the same as mine .all my friends in Ireland are in long term realtionships, or they dont like travelling. MSG me back if you want , Colette :-)
Marcia stacey
Marcia stacey Hi yeah the more the better as I said I'm looking to travel for a year and just experience new cultures and have fun along the way. I've been working ever since I left school and I want a change of scenery bored of the uk. So if you want to talk about this more dates etc. Get back to me. Do you have a face book.
7 years ago
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