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Hi there!
I'm Christelle, a french little gymnast turning 30 soon, and about to quit my current life (including my job, ma flat, my cat and my boyfriend) to start exploring the world and fully live as many experiences as possible. If you wanna share with me some bits of this amazing trip that is about to start, feel free to step in! Cheers!

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Christelle J.
Christelle J. HI there! Will quit my job by the end of May, so I am available in June and July, then I've got a family trip planned in Florida and Bahamas in August, and I am available in September date ! I had in mind to go to Philippines, Borneo and Brunei, Vietnam Laos Cambodge Myanmar, and south america, but I remain open to any other country, I am quite flexible. No limited budget and time.
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1 year ago
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Christelle J.

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