28 years old French woman, last 4 years in Hungary, last few months in India and Nepal, and probably on the road for a few more months. I prefer honest and respectful funny people, with whom I can have serious conversations and parties, depending on mood.
I'm curious and I like to listen to people's stories, but also enjoy silence. I'm not always talkative which does not mean that I'm bored, I like contemplating.

Some would say that I'm a cold, distant, enigmatic, even haughty person, but they usually change their mind if they meet me twice. I'm trying to be honest, open minded, reliable and helpful.
I can also be silent, over-enthusiastic, sometimes truly unbalanced and not self-confident. Rollercoaster, like a lot of us.

Since February 2010, I started travelling in Asia and then go until Australia as long as I enjoy it and my savings allow me to do it. I guess I want to learn new songs on my way and I can teach a few of the one I know. And I hope to find new and different inspirations in life.

I'm feeling quite environmentally and do my best to save water/energy and I'm happy to meet with people living the same way.

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Clementine Hey everybody,
I am Clementine, I am 28 years old French woman, who spent the last 4 years of her life in Hungary and the last 5 months in India and Nepal.
I am in Vietnam these days, traveling on my own, and my friends from Hanoi keep on telling me that Ha Giang and its area are amazing, but better reached by bike. I don't have much experience with bike and really do not enjoy the idea of being in an apparently remote area just with my bike and my backpack. And I would be happy to hang out with people after a while traveling alone.
I would start from Hanoi and go for a few days, from 5 days to 10 depending on how I feel there/weather...
If someone wants to come along, drop me a line.
I would not know how to describe myself but errr, if you are in, you can find me on user name magyarclementine. In short, I'm rather laid-back and trying to be as open-minded as I can, and genuinely interested in people.

Region | Southeast Asia Travel Forum 8 years ago
SuzyP Hi Clementine! I am also traveling alone and am currently in Hanoi. Are you still here? If so, would love to meet up with you. I may take a Halong tour starting tomorrow, then I plan on heading down to Hue, but I could be convinced to stay up north a little while longer. Cheers, Suzy
8 years ago
Clementine hey Suzy, sorry I should have answered earlier!!! i'm going to stay in the north in an eco-tourism project for the next three weeks, so my plan changed a bit. I hope you had a nice time in Halong...
8 years ago
Todd Hey Clementine. Would love to hear how it's going in Vietnam. We're thinking of living there for a few months in early/mid 2011.
8 years ago
Clementine Hey hey! I am already around (in Vietnam right now) and a bit tired of traveling on my own and I'd be happy to travel with someone else. Would make it nicer and easier to leave the beaten tracks. what do you think?
Plaires Hi Clementine, thanks for the intest! I'll be around that area starting in 20 July. For how long are you going to be there? which places are you more keen on visiting. Based on the plans I mentioned in this trip, where do you think it would be feasible to meet? kisses! Pedro
8 years ago
Plaires Hi Clementine? do you want to share emails? (
8 years ago
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