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Dame Hi, I live in Holland and know Amsterdam very well. It's no problem if you cannot find someone to travell with. There are a lot of young people in Amsterdam who are travelling alone. It is so easy to get in touch with them.
Ian [EagerExistence]
Ian [EagerExistence] my friends and i are very keen to hear the details of your trip :-)
7 years ago
Dame Hi, I'm going to leave on 23th December. First going to Bangkok and fly from there to Hanoi. I like cycling. When are you leaving?
Dame Hello, I am going at the end of July for two weeks to Georgia & Armenia. I'm flying on the 31th July to Tbilisi. Is any else going that way round that period. Would be nice to meet up and travell together. Let me know okay. By the way I´m 35 old female. Ciao, Dame
Region | Eastern Europe Travel Forum 8 years ago
ulrike Wow, sounds like a great trip. May I ask what inspired these parts of Eastern Europe?
8 years ago
Dan07dan Hey Dame! Look at my trip I created, you can see if it fits you. I'm dying to find a travel partner and would love if it you think my trup fits you! Too bad you're arriving 10 days before me. We can still go on one trek together maybe. Be in touch! Dan
8 years ago
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