I'm Dan, im 26 and im from the UK.

I am planning a rtw trip.

I haven't fully decided where I'm going yet because I'm looking for a partner in crime or two to come with. I will be purchasing a European train ticket for one months travel around Europe and hope to be in Greece within two months. From there I plan on heading to Asia and the Australias.

I will be looking for opportunities for work within Europe and volunteering for upkeep when needed. Although some financial income on monthly basis is probably reccomneded, its not compulsory until its off to non European countries.

Camping, hostels and hotels when can will be my plan, the more remote the better, I want to go see the sights as much as possible. Busking / street performing is another plan to gain some spare cash on a day to day basis. I can play guitar so other musicians are more then welcome.

It's important that if you are interested you have all the necessity's for 4 season hiking travel. We can talk about equipment beforehand.

Also another couple of things to consider are visas for countries that expect them when entering, again we'll talk about this beforehand due to timeframes of travel and insurance for health and saftey. Security money to get you home is important.

If your interested, pm me and we can plan a trip of a life together.

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Dan4992 Me three, if you haven't departed I'm looking to plan something similar, I just haven't found enough people. Let me know if you guys want to plan something. Dan
Dan4992 How are you getting on chyna?
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2 years ago
Dan4992 Have you gone yet ?
Dan4992 Hi Jake I'm really interested but wouldn't be available until march, I have same interests but would like to work towards aussy. I am from the UK too so if you haven't gone already we could plan something?
Dan4992 Hi, do you have a return date set in stone? Or is it flexible to extend? Plus is it just Europe your looking to see?
paul i'm flexible with dates mate, i think europe would be great as you can go country to country via train but i would be willing to travel other places aswell if you had a suggestion? could plan it together
3 years ago
Dan4992 Sounds great, I want to do a RTW trip starting from the UK and take a slow walk to Australia. I'm nervous and excited but have nowhere to begin. I am doing it with little to average support from income but want to camp as much as possible. I'd be interested to join yourselves for a while if you have any open positions. Dan
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