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Danica This sounds like an amazing trip! I've been wanting to go on a road trip!

Portland, OR is awesome. Really pretty. I would say to go to the Rose Garden but it will probably be too cold then.

Yellowstone is great as well. If you go to a town right outside of the park, called West Yellowstone, there is a really great diner/soda shoppe and homemade water taffy shop across the street. It's a really cute town.

Just went to Boston and loved it! Go to the Union Oyster House restaurant, it's the oldest restaurant in america. It's pricey but really good. I would suggest sharing a plate cause it's a lot of food. Oh and get the clam chowder. Seeing all the stuff on the Freedom Trail is also really nice.

Austin is a nice city. I've been there a few times but haven't seen much apart from the University of Texas. I'd definitely have bbq and mexican food. A must for any trip to Texas.

I'm in Lubbock, TX right now for school and there's not much here. I'm from the Rio Grande Valley which is in deep South Texas, where South Padre Island is. As close as you can get to Mexico without being in Mexico. haha.

Have a great trip! :)

Danica Oh I would also try to go somewhere in Colorado and possibly Sante Fe, NM you can also see Roswell, NM (interesting town) on your way to TX.
8 years ago
Lauren Awesome Danica! Thanks for all the tips. And keep 'em coming guys! We will try and get around to a lot of these places and write-up about them in the blog. I've heard so many good things about Mexican food in the US. People who come to Australia (and we've also heard it here in Canada too) just say that there's nothing like it here. I like the sound of West Yellowstone too with cute little diners and soda shops. Thanks again!
8 years ago
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