I'm looking to lose myself in some of the most amazing places on the planet and I'm wondering if anyone feels the same.

I'm ideally looking for people around my age (25) and upwards with the interest and ability to travel for a period of 1-3 months.

Trip in brief: (First Stage) One Month

Mexico City, Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama City, Panama -

Trip in brief: (Second Stage) Two Months

- Medellin, Colombia - Quito, Ecuador - Cuzco, Peru - Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

In the first stage of the trip I intend to begin my travels in Mexico City from where I'll wander south through the tightly packed corridor of Central America, hopefully navigating dense jungle ruins and idyllic isolated beaches along the way to reach Panama City where I should like to relax for a week or two soaking in the atmosphere of a cool metropolitan city of sky-scrapers fringed by jungle and ocean.

Departing Panama and over-stepping the dreaded Dari-en Gap I'll arrive into South America landing in Medellin, Colombia from where I'll bear SW arriving in Quito, Ecuador.

I have looked at and plan to volunteer as a research assistant at a Biological Research Station located high in the Andean Cloud forests of Ecuador helping to preserve and protect the fragile ecosystems of the high-altitude cloud forests through UNESCO and government coordinated conservation projects.

After staying for 2-4 weeks (depending on facilities etc) I will head south into Peru, along the coastline and up into the Andes, heading towards the peaks of Machu Picchu along the Shining Path. Traversing the length of the country towards Cuzco.

Finally I'll crossover into Bolivia heading overland to arrive at the capital La Paz and then onto Santa Cruz from where I shall depart for home.

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