Hi Everyone, My name is Daniella! I am 23 years old and FINALLY graduating college! Looking for people to do my first European adventure with! I love museums, wine, yummy food, and ofcourse all the cheesy tourist stuff that comes with visiting Europe for the first time! But would also love to go to small towns and submerge myself in the culture! Looking to do many countries in Europe and stay about 3-5 days in each!(Super Flexible on everything) I love taking awesome photography, and exploring nature as well (Major bucket list is hiking the Swiss Alps). Let me know if you want to plan an awesome trip! Open to lots of ideas! I am a super laid back person, and all for planning, but love to go with the flow and see where the trip takes us! Definitely looking to meet new travelers, and keep the adventure going!

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Danivr Hello! First Time traveler here as well! Looking to do a European adventure anywhere from May - August! I am 23 years old and just graduating college! Let me know if you want to plan something!
Danivr First time traveler here as well! I graduate in May, and want to travel for the summer! Let me know if you'd like to plan something!
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1 year ago
Danivr Hi! Love this! If you're looking for a trip in between May - August, 2017! We could deff plan something! I'm 23 and just graduated college, would love to plan a trip! Let me know if you'd be interested! Email is Daniellav@mail.usf.edu
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