Hey all!

Danny, 24, from Manchester, England. (Not the pasty white guy >>> :D)

I like to keep an active lifestyle and I'm always up for new experiences and challenges. Enjoy a good drink and night out with friends but I also appreciate relaxed evenings with a good meal out and something chilled to keep me busy.

I'm saving all my pennies for traveling lately.

I've been on plenty of "lads" holidays and, although I still enjoy them and have some great memories, I find that I usually come away with nothing more than a large hole in my pocket and a sore head.

I'm really looking to explore more of the world, learn a lot about myself and other cultures and make some good friends who share my enthusiasm for travel.

First big trip lined up is just an easy one to get started as I have friends who want to go but without too much effort or a huge culture shock:

America, 90 days, Car touring. Seat available for anyone who fancies chipping in for petrol and coming along for the ride. (See "North America Car Tour" in "my trips")

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