David Devesa

I am open of mind and active. I would peace for everyone, enjoy and laught a lot. I was study computer science and after I did Mediator and Conflict Resolver to give peace, listening and empathy. First of I plan began in Malaysia one month for training my english after that travel others countries. I would like begin enterprise in south east asia and first i will stay one year traveling backpacker, after i know that it will be more difficult.
I need mates for travel because I like laught of the life so travel alone is soo mach bored, I will do the clown, :p
I like the honesty and authenticity.

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Abby Hi there! yeah visayas region is also a good place to explore . i've been to Cebu last April and I did spent time with the whale sharks .. it was a really cool experience. Just an FYI Visayas region offers cheaper accommodations and the food is at a very reasonable price. Hope you'll have a great vacation
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12 months ago
David Devesa
David Devesa Interesting, I could begin in philiphines too. Doing mates travel.
11 months ago
Emily Crow
Emily Crow Hi! I would be interested in this trip! I am looking to travel Southeast Asia as well! How many people are you looking to travel with?
David Devesa
David Devesa I am going south east asia in february too, doing mates travel.
11 months ago
David Devesa
David Devesa Hi, I think that we could plan a good one. Fist of all I need stay in Malaysia a few time. Say me your thinks about and we talk.
ladyju02 Hi! Are you still traveling? I'm going on a RTW trip starting around january 2017. Let me know!
David Devesa
David Devesa Hi, Are you still starting in january? I will go. My first stop would be Malaysia after arount south east asia. Maybe one year traveling. I am Spanish, computer science, Mediador. I want to know mates to laught traveling
11 months ago
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