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diegodsfm Hello my name is diego, I'm from uruguay and I'm 23 years old, on abril of 2012 I'm visiting europe for the first time. I'm gointo to be there for 40 days more o less and I want to vistit almost the same countries as you do, so i hope we keep in touch, at least to talk about our trips given that we don't have the same dates. Well that about all.... hope hearing from you, greetings from uruguay!
Lisa510 Hey Diego, I'm sorry I'm just responding to you now but I haven't been on here in awhile so I just saw this message. But anyways, as of right now I don't know what I'm doing next summer as far as traveling goes because I might have a new job, in which case I probably wouldn't be able to get time off. I should hopefully know by Christmas time what's going on, and I will defintely keep in touch now that alot of people have let messages on this site.
7 years ago
Lillygutierrez Diego, if you are still planning on going I would like to join you
6 years ago
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