I love traveling, writing, and helping people. In 2011 I will embark on a great journey backpacking through Europe. On this great adventure I will be ‘paying it forward‘ and the goal is for me to help as many people as I can.

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dreamtravelerjess Things to do in Montreal: St. Josephs Oratory. (You don't have to be religious, it's beautiful.)
Make sure to visit the Biodome. Be sure to check out any new shows at the Place Des Arts, and the Bell Centre. There is also the Planetarium, which I always enjoy and the Olympic Stadium. La Ronde is always a blast. Make sure to eat at the little cafe on Mont Royal, if it's still open. When visiting the Old City be sure to go across the road and across the train tracks, there is a place where you can rent segways, paddle boats, bikes, and there are almost always performers. For night life be sure to check out Crescent Street. To get a feel for Montreal, take the Metro. Its cheaper than a taxi. Hope I helped a little.

Lauren Hey Jess, only just saw your post. La Ronde looks like fun, the Biodome is closed unfortunately but I really want to see a game at the Olympic Stadium. Are the tix really min $200?? Seems quite excessive, but I've never seen a big football match.
8 years ago
dreamtravelerjess Montreal is like a second home to me. I have usually stay there every summer with my aunt. I would love to join for maybe two or three days. I'm glad Old Montreal is on your list, there are a lot of other neat things to do as well. I have a list of a few things let me know if anyone's intereseted.
Todd Would love to hear your tips. We're leaving in exactly two weeks to go to Montreal. And we'll be there for a few months (maybe until after xmas).
8 years ago
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